94-00 Acura Integra Non-Vtec / B20-Vtec, LS-Vtec

Eagle Connecting Rods LS/B20 B18A, B18B, B20B, B20

  • All Eagle H-beam connecting rods are forged from certified 4340 chromoly steel. Eagle connecting rods are subjected to extensive material testing. Another important design feature is that all Eagle H-beam connecting rods are manufactured from a 2 piece forging. This is significant because it enhances the strength of the rod cap by orienting the "grain" of the metal with the direction of stress. The stress exerted on the connecting rod cap is perpendicular to the stress on the beam. Eagle H- Beam connecting rods are supplied with ARP 2000 Capscrews and most are bushed for full floating wrist pins (unless noted).

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